David Gilmour Live on PBS

David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert HallWell how about that! I was just flipping channels tonight and stumbled upon a gem on PBS! David Gilmour Live at the Royal Albert Hall. I just caught the last half of it I think. I first saw some of Gilmour’s latest stuff, which is alright, it hasn’t grown on me just yet. Then came the magic.

That oh so familiar sound at the beginning of Shine On You Crazy Diamond sounded, and I got very excited. Sure enough, that song kicked in and it was a good one! It was a simplified version, but done perfectly, just the way David Gilmour always does. It was cool, the guitar solo was less embellished but still had all the meat in there to keep it true to the Floyd style. David Crosby and Graham Nash were singing the harmony along with Gilmour, which was incredible.

After that, Coming Back to Life was played, and a few other great ones. One that got my arm hairs to stand up was Find The Cost Of Freedom, which is a song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. It is a short one, all acoustic, and wonderful. Gilmour’s voice with Crosby and Nash was some of the most beautiful a capella I’ve heard.

Finally, here’s PBS’s little write up on the show, it was a lucky find:

Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour is joined by David Crosby, Graham Nash and David Bowie in this December 2006 concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall, featuring classic Floyd songs, plus cuts from his 2006 solo CD, “On an Island.” Included: “Arnold Layne.”