Tone Matrix

My friend sent me a link to this awesome little flash application. It’s called a tone matrix. It’s easy to see what it does when you start clicking it.

The idea is that you activate squares by clicking them. A constant left-to-right wave, or line, moves across the board and each activated square plays a note. That’s really all there is to it. Simple and awesome.

Reading the upper left square pays off too. You can deactivate every square with the space bar, you can also copy and paste your creation.

Update: I didn’t think you could save your creations after closing your browser, but you can! Once you copy one you like, you can paste it into a text file and save it for later. Just reopen your browser, go to the site, click inside the matrix to move the focus to the game, then paste it, sweet!

Here’s one I just made in a couple minutes. Not anything great, but you get the idea.

Let’s hear your creation. Paste your audio treats below in the comments. I’ll give them all a listen!

Check it out here. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Tone Matrix”

  1. Ah shoot. The numbers are a bit too long for the comment box up there. It’s okay, just triple-click the numbers, that will highlight all the right stuff. Then copy and paste it into the thing.

  2. I’ll make the first comment because I’m so excited about this. I just spelled out my name (very roughly) in the thing. I can hear my name!

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