They Came From…

Music can make or break a movie or any type of film. I’ve seen some mediocre movies that seem like great movies simply because of the score (soundtrack). I’ve also seen a couple movies that I think could have been pretty good, but the music just left me a bit unfulfilled. One particular movie that happened with is MirrorMask. The movie is visually stunning and has a decent fantasy type of plot with pretty weird characters. The trailer had some pretty good electronic, ethereal kind of music to set the right mood. When I got the movie and watched it, the actual music in the movie was really shallow, and if I remember right (it’s been a couple years now), it kind of had a weird jazz type of feel to it, which completely set off the mood of the movie. Here’s the trailer for those curious:

An example of a movie with great music, and a story line that doesn’t really grab the attention (although it becomes very strong while watching the movie) is The Weather Man with Nicholas Cage. Here’s a little clip from that movie with some quality music to set the perfect mood:

Anyway, on to my real point. There is a trailer for an upcoming snowboard video where the music makes an already incredible looking video so much more powerful. I still get goosebumps watching it. Check it out, the song is Aqua Vitae by Armen Hambar and the trailer is for a video called They Came From…. (Click through on the Vimeo link to watch in HD)

(int) Factor Films presents THEY CAME FROM… from factor films on Vimeo.

And now, here is another trailer for the same movie by Factor Films. Notice how the change in music gives it a pretty different feel altogether. Kind of cool I think. This song is It’s What I Want by Röyksopp.

INT: they came from… pre-teaser from factor films on Vimeo.

And if you’re still reading this, here’s a pretty cool one minute video of Michael Jordan that also features Aqua Vitae.