Ghosts of the Past by Starflyer 59

Just a quick little post here about the album I’m currently listening to on Ghosts of the Past is the name of the album. Starflyer 59 is the name of the band. I’ve got plenty of their albums, and for some reason they fall into the group of bands I forget about until I happen to see their name somewhere. When that happens, I’ll listen to them for a while, then let them fade away again.

So they just released this new album last month, and if you’re clicked play on that little embedded player there, you are hearing the same good sounds that I am as I write this! The album starts out just awesomely and keeps going strong for a good while. I just heard the Bread cover of Guitar Man, which has also been covered by Cake. They did it well I thought.

Ghosts of the PastI’m now on track 16, and it seems to be losing momentum. There are 31 tracks on this 2-disc album, so I suppose that’s bound to happen. I’m going to keep listening to it and see how it plays out.

As for the genre of Starflyer 59, they’re kind of an in between type of sound. The two groups would be shoegaze and post-rock. They’ve got a somewhat distant sound, but it’s a bit more up front than most shoegaze stuff, and I’m still not sure how to describe post-rock, but I think it fits them pretty well. Pretty strong point there huh?

So anyway, check out the music, it struck me as something worthy of letting the world know about via this here site. If nothing else, it may provide some nice background music to get you through your workday Monday…day.

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