Lala’s Music Mover

Music MoverAnd now for something completely awesome. This little thing called the Music Mover can be found on I’m using it right now. Here’s what it does.

It will scan the music on your computer (it defaults to the My Music folder in your My Documents folder, but you can tell it to look elsewhere) for songs. For each song that you have on your computer and has in their collection, you will have access to listen to that song on the website, from any computer. Of course, you need to have an account on the site, which is free, so that’s no problem.

Now, supposedly for the songs that aren’t available on Lala, the Music Mover will upload them from your computer. That means your entire music library will be available to you, and pretty quickly because it won’t have to upload most of the songs. Although if your music collection is primarily polka and irish drinking songs, you may have to wait a while for those to upload.

Another cool feature about it is that it will sync up with your playlists in iTunes, so you’ll have access to those too. Then, if you purchase songs on Lala, the mover will also download those songs to your computer. Pretty slick.

I’ve got over 12,000 songs for the mover to check out, so this is going to take some time to do all that. I’m already using it right now on and I like it lots.

Get the Music Mover here.