SiaSia is an Australian singer with an incredible voice. She’s got a unique style going that I love. When she talks, she has a cute, girly voice and giggles a lot. As soon as she begins singing, her voice transforms into something rich, full bodied, and powerful. That mixture reminds me a bit of Norah Jones, who also seems to have a dainty voice when speaking, but can really belt it out during songs.

Sia has been on records and tours with Zero 7, a great band from Mother England. Also on a tour with them was José Gonzales; oh man I wish I could have seen that show. Anyway, Sia has four albums I think, not too sure. I’m going to post a couple videos below to give you a sample of her awesomeness.

First off is my favorite song of hers called Breathe Me. The video is pretty impressive. If I remember right, all of those Polaroids were actually taken and used to make the video. You can see her goofy personality in the first bit of the video when she’s sporting the storm trooper helmet. Even in such a sad/emotional type of song, she shows her fun personality.

Breathe Me

Alrighty. Now there is a nine part video collection on YouTube of Sia performing in the studio of KCRW in Los Angeles with Nic Harcourt as host. I’ll put a video below of one song, but I recommend watching all the songs and the nine minute interview. By now, it is probably apparent that I’ve got a bit of a thing for Sia, she is cute and quite attractive, and that voice! Well anyway…

This is The Girl You Lost to Cocaine. The beginning has a bit of the last part of Breathe Me, then it picks up into this more uptempo song. This really shows the power of her voice. She seems to be one of the rare singers with perfect pitch and rhythm. Enjoy!

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  1. This isn’t really my type of music, since I can’t head bang to it, but she does have a very powerful voice, and kudos on the storm trooper helmet. I thought you weren’t into blonds?

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