Black Gold Hunters

Today’s Terrible Tuesday video is truly terrifying. It’s so bad that I think it almost goes beyond being funny. This video was sent to me by a Canadian woman I had out on the boat (I’m a wakeboard instructor) for a week. She works on oil rigs and I was asking her all kinds of questions about it, since I really knew nothing about that whole line of work. I found it pretty interesting.

So anyway, she recently sent me this video. It’s so, so bad I just had to share it. The lead singer looks like he’s going for a Trent Reznor kind of look, but ends up looking like a partied-out guy who does all his clothes shopping at Wal-Mart. But then his voice is so non-rock-ish, he could be singing on a children’s tv program. And the lyrics seem to be turning the oil business into something almost sexual. You’ll see what I mean, good luck making it through the whole video!

2 thoughts on “Black Gold Hunters”

  1. I’m just now getting to this, and I must agree with this “samantha” Are they for real? And I don’t think you should use Trent Reznor’s name in association with something like this ever again. Ever. Heavy Metal Christmas Tree

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