The Black Heart Procession – 1, 2 & 3

The Black Heart Procession is one of my favorite totally unique sounding bands. I’d classify the genre as dark piano rock.


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Here to the right you may listen to their first LP, 1, which was released in 1997. It starts off pretty quietly with a recurring track called The Waiter. Their first three albums, named by numeric order of their release, have a total of 3 tracks called The Waiter. They serve as a kind of mood setting track, each with some variations.

On 1, things really pick up with track 3, Release My Heart. This is the first song in the albums that really give you the full feel of their music. Good piano, some organ, a slow strong beat, and dark lyrics focusing on the heart, and rightly so, considering the band’s name.

The Black Heart Procession - 1Track 7, The Winter My Heart Froze, has a great creepy mixture of organ and piano. It’s short at just under a minute, but a great one to crank up. Square Heart is one of my favorite tracks of theirs. Again, it has a slow, strong beat, great piano, and plenty of heart talk.


On to their second album, 2, which you can sample along with their third album, 3 in this nifty little Amazon player. didn’t have those albums available at the time of posting, sorry about that.

2 starts with the second The Waiter track, then hits you in the ears with a great accordion track entitled Blue Tears. This is a great song with just an accordion, light acoustic guitar, organ and vocals. It’s a great ballad of heart break full of blue tears falling from lonely eyes. Tobias Nathaniel is, I believe, the lead singer, and he really gets into it here. I’m not sure if he’s half joking, but I love how he just lets it go on this one.

Track 3, A Light So Dim, has a great mix of, yet again, a slow and powerful drum beat mixed with a very strong piano part and a great lyrics line that repeats Time is all we have, so take the time to make the time… and so on. Turn this one up loud.

The Black Heart Procession - 2
It’s a bit quiet from here on with some great acoustic guitar and a general dark feel. Then comes track 8, It’s a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes. I can’t think of many songs with a greater title than that. It’s a full on upbeat (for them at least) song that really picks the pace of the album up a notch. After this one, things seem to start falling apart (mood wise) with My Heart Might Stop. Beneath the Ground brings in some new sounds that, believe it or not, sound awesome at a high volume. The third installment of The Waiter finishes this one off and leads us on to the third full studio album.


The Black Heart Procession - 3Something I love about these albums is that they stick to the same general feel and even some very similar melodies, but keep it different enough to really separate each album from the others; genius. I love the opening track on 3, We Always Knew. Great organ, piano, and strong vocals. You’ll notice a little distorted sound slip in there a few times along with a rusty swing set sound, that first showed up on 2.

Most of 3 is slower and kind of has a feeling that the main character, if you will, in the story has given up on his lost love. I may be weird in that when I am depressed, I really get into listening to dark, depressing music. These three albums are great for those times. I won’t go into too much details about 3 because I feel I should leave a bit for you to discover on your own. Really though, you should listen to these three albums, I see them as a must have.