Welcome to Goodbye Blue Sky! Here’s a little about this site:


BillyMy name is Billy Park. I’m a wakeboard instructor in Clermont, Florida. I’ve been passionate about music since I was a young teenager, and enjoy sharing good music with people. I grew up in Redmond, Oregon and have lived in Rochester, New York and St. George, Utah in addition to my new Florida home.

My current job helps me meet people from all over the world, and through them I’ve been able to discover even more music than before. I’m hoping I’ll be able to help more people enjoy more music through this site.

This Site

This is mainly a blog about music. From time to time I’ll put up something that doesn’t have a lot to do with music, but hopefully will be worth a read to my readers. I’ve put up a few blogs in the past, but have yet to really connect with people through them outside of those I already know.

My goals for this blog are to help people find more good music, connect with other music enthusiasts, and find out more about good music from you, my readers. You’ll also notice some ads and such on here. It would be super great to make a buck or two from this site, so that’s why those are there.


Speaking of ads, here’s one for where this site is hosted. I’m pretty picky with hosts, and I like these guys quite a bit:

The Readers

Yeah, that’s you! I’m interested in you and your music tastes. Please comment all you want on my posts and share your feelings on what I have to say. Feel free to debate my words or say whatever you want, I’m open to new ideas and want to hear what’s out there! Also, any feedback on the site is always appreciated.

Thanks for checking out my site, I hope you enjoy it.

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