Formula One Music

What’s that you say? Formula One music? Well, this video is one of my all time favorite things to listen to. I figured since this is a music blog, this video would be very appropriate. Just listen to the sounds of those Ferrari engines over the years. Make sure you turn this one up real loud. Even if you are in a cubicle at work, crank it up!

Ferrari Shell “Circuit TV” ad from Ian Anderson on Vimeo.

Mario Medley

Just a quick post for today. This is a video I watch from time to time. Always puts me in a good mood. How can Mario music not cheer anybody up? He starts out with a blindfold on, then cranks up the awesome dial to 11. See if you can pick out which game each song is from. I believe he covers music between the first NES Super Mario Bros. up to Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

Wish You Were Here Poster

Pink FloydA good music lover always needs some musical paraphernalia. Goodbye Blue Sky just hooked up with so that means I get to plug their stuff and make a couple of wooden nickels if my wonderful readers buy things from that site, woo!

So, I’m starting out with one of the greatest album covers of all time: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here. I’ve sat and stared at this poster for probably many hours over the course of my life. I don’t even do any drugs and I still stare at the thing.

Go check it out.