The Anderson Gang

The Anderson GangHere’s a bit of local flavor for ya! This is the latest single released by The Anderson Gang. I learned of these guys from a friend of a friend of mine, Daniel Anderson Berry, who is in the band, and I believe is the band’s namesake. We met when we were each enjoying some redneck scrap metal going around a race track at the annual Crash-A-Rama. I believe all the band members are from Florida, which is where I’m now located. This song has a nice mellow country type of feel to it.

This is the first music I’ve promoted on here made by people I actually know, and I’m happy to say I honestly do like the song! The single, called Ashes can be heard below, click on that little player there. It can also be downloaded for free at this link:

Check them out on Myspace. And become a fan on Facebook.

<a href="">Ashes by The Anderson Gang</a>

M83, The Presets, and Radiohead/UNKLE

Here are a few music videos that I quite enjoy, maybe you will too. I picked each of them because of both the quality of the song and video.

First off we have M83 – We Own the Sky. The video is incredible, and to see it in HD, you’ll have to click on through to Vimeo. Great song, great video. You may recognize the song from the snowboard video That’s It That’s All.

Next is a song with a great beat and melody. This is the Australian band The Presets with Girl and the Sea. I’m going to take a guess that you’ll watch this one many times. I know I have and still will.

Finally, here is one of my favorite music videos of all time. Yes, it is really strange, but give it a chance, let it pull you in. The song is Rabbit in Your Headlights by Radiohead and UNKLE. Great song, crazy awesome video. Enjoy!


PrisencolinensinainciusolPrisencolinensinainciusol…try saying that one time slowly. Today’s Terrific Tuesday is actually from the 70’s. I watched this video a few times. I was drawn into it for some reason. The music is great, the dancing is pretty awesome, and the lyrics kept almost sounding like something, but then like nothing.

So I did a little research on Wikipedia. Turns out the lyrics are pure gibberish. Adriano Celentano, the man behind this song, had just written some songs with deep meaning, so he wanted to write a song about nothing. So here it is, enjoy!

Literal Translation of Music Videos

I’ve gotta say, today’s Terrific Tuesday is another brilliant installment. Some great classic music videos have been dubbed over by people who have changed the lyrics. Instead of the original song lyrics, the video is being described in the song. It’s genius! And not only have the words been changed, but they sing the new lyrics like the original singer and rock just as much. It’s wit at its finest!

So enjoy three great 80’s videos, starting with one of the greatest videos of all time, Take On Me.

Aha – Take On Me

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

The Owl

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Fear is on Our SideHere’s a quick post about a music video that I’ve been enjoying for a few years now. The song is The Owl and the band is I Love You but I’ve Chosen Darkness. It’s a pretty intense video. Just a short one, but it has a lot of emotion in it. I recommend hitting that full screen button and turning up the volume. It’s a bit dark for a Monday, but hey, why not?

Clicking on the album cover over there will take you to Amazon where you can preview the whole album which features this song.

Pet Shop Boys Visit Montgomery Flea Market

That’s right, it’s a super Terrific Tuesday! I thought I had posted this before, but I guess not. Many people are already aware of the Montgomery Flea Market dude with his smooth raps and dances to promote his living rooms, bedrooms, and dinettes. He’s got a flea market that is apparently just like a mini mall, hey hey!

Here is his wonderful video, and keep reading below, for a remix video that is possibly the greatest mash-up combination I have ever seen!

Brilliant huh? Well slow down, now is where it gets real good. This fellow over on Vimeo, PimpDaddySupreme, saw the above video and also came across a mix of a Pet Shop Boys song, Minimal. His genius went to work, and below are the glorious results. It really is like this was meant to be.

And finally, if you need some background music right now as you get on with your daily tasks, here is a remix of the Flea Market song with added Christopher Walken and cowbell. That’s right, possibly the Terrificest Tuesday ever!

Eels – End Times

End TimesThe Eels have been busy lately! Their new album, End Times, was just released on Tuesday. This is their second album in only seven months, crazy! Hombre Lobo was their last album released in June of 2009. That album was rockin, this new one is quite a bit toned back from the sound of it. I haven’t got my hands on it yet, so I’m only able to speculate.

Here are a few videos that E has put up on YouTube. Enjoy!

Beck & Charlotte Gainsbourg

Beck & CharlotteBeck has released a new single that he recorded with Charlotte Gainsbourg. I really don’t know much about Charlotte, but I hope to give her work a listen to soon.

Beck, of course, is a musical genius. This song, called Heaven Can Wait, has a very Beck-like sound to it. The video, which is below there, has so much awesome randomness in it. If you’re into Beck, check out his website by clicking on his name up there in the first word of this post, or on the picture over there. His website is pretty cool and updated frequently with quality work from Mr. Hansen himself. Enjoy!

Theme Song from Community

Matt & Kim - Grand - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare Buy at Amazon

Perhaps you, like me, have seen and enjoyed NBC’s new show called Community. Perhaps you haven’t. That’s okay. But if you have, you may be wondering what the theme song is and who sings it. I know I was. So were some of my friends. So, I figured I’d share the answer: Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim. There was also another of their songs, Daylight in the second episode of the show. I haven’t found that there is a video for the main theme, but here’s the video for Daylight:

And as a bonus, check out this sweet Spanish freestyle rap from the end of episode 2: