Carl Lewis – Break It Up

Carl LewisIt’s Terrible Tuesday time again! Since the Olympics are happening at the moment, I figured it was time to pull this out of the internet archives. This marks the second video by an incredible athlete that I’ve posted on this site (see LT’s video here).

I feel it is necessary to mention that Carl Lewis is one of the greatest athletes to ever live. He has ten Olympic medals, nine of which are gold, and his long jump world record that he set in 1984 of 8.79 meters (28.8 ft) still stands. That’s unbelievable! You know where the free throw line is in relation to a basketball hoop right? Well, he jumped nearly twice that distance. Most people couldn’t jump from the line to the bottom half of the circle at the top of the key.

Okay, so we know that Carl Lewis is the man. He jumped farther than any human who has ever lived, and came real close to world record times in sprints. So then, he was obviously feeling pretty hot, and on top of his game, so why not go ahead and make a smash hit single along with a music video? Well, the answer to “why not” resides below. Lucky for us, there is some footage of his track feats included in the video. Enjoy.

LT Electric Slide

Well, I’m off to a slow start for posting in 2010, go figure. Luckily, I just ran across this incredible video of the San Diego Chargers’ future Hall of Fame running back LaDanian Tomlinson in an awful 80’s style music video. It has all the classics of a sports music video: stiff dancing, awkwardly placed lyrics to go to the beat, terrible blue (or green) screening, and plenty of football puns!

I think he says it best with this quote from the song: “Not a very good call.” Enjoy.

Terribly Tuned

Here we have a little video that, with the help of Weird Al Yankovic, explains the brief history of auto tune. You know, today’s pop music? It’s pretty much a synthesizer loop with somebody talking over the top, where the vocals have been auto tuned to death to make it sound like a big pile of terds.

Yes, obviously I’m not a fan of the auto tune plague. Remember that Cher song that started it all? It’s kind of funny how she was ripped into at the time for using such a lame feature. Here we are ten years later and the majority of pop music stars have become rich from following in Cher’s footsteps. That, and saying “shore-tay” over and over.

Anyway, this video presents the history of auto tune in a less biased view and actually has some interesting points. I put this up on Terrible Tuesday simply because it talks about a musical thing that, for now, is making much of the radio painful to listen to.

Black Gold Hunters

Today’s Terrible Tuesday video is truly terrifying. It’s so bad that I think it almost goes beyond being funny. This video was sent to me by a Canadian woman I had out on the boat (I’m a wakeboard instructor) for a week. She works on oil rigs and I was asking her all kinds of questions about it, since I really knew nothing about that whole line of work. I found it pretty interesting.

So anyway, she recently sent me this video. It’s so, so bad I just had to share it. The lead singer looks like he’s going for a Trent Reznor kind of look, but ends up looking like a partied-out guy who does all his clothes shopping at Wal-Mart. But then his voice is so non-rock-ish, he could be singing on a children’s tv program. And the lyrics seem to be turning the oil business into something almost sexual. You’ll see what I mean, good luck making it through the whole video!