Terribly Tuned

Here we have a little video that, with the help of Weird Al Yankovic, explains the brief history of auto tune. You know, today’s pop music? It’s pretty much a synthesizer loop with somebody talking over the top, where the vocals have been auto tuned to death to make it sound like a big pile of terds.

Yes, obviously I’m not a fan of the auto tune plague. Remember that Cher song that started it all? It’s kind of funny how she was ripped into at the time for using such a lame feature. Here we are ten years later and the majority of pop music stars have become rich from following in Cher’s footsteps. That, and saying “shore-tay” over and over.

Anyway, this video presents the history of auto tune in a less biased view and actually has some interesting points. I put this up on Terrible Tuesday simply because it talks about a musical thing that, for now, is making much of the radio painful to listen to.