Literal Translation of Music Videos

I’ve gotta say, today’s Terrific Tuesday is another brilliant installment. Some great classic music videos have been dubbed over by people who have changed the lyrics. Instead of the original song lyrics, the video is being described in the song. It’s genius! And not only have the words been changed, but they sing the new lyrics like the original singer and rock just as much. It’s wit at its finest!

So enjoy three great 80’s videos, starting with one of the greatest videos of all time, Take On Me.

Aha – Take On Me

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson lived a good life. Say what you will, the man had some serious talent. This video is a pretty good little mash-up of some of the good things he did. At times, it gets a bit much, and your head may want to explode, but give it a look. Thanks for all the good stuff Michael.

Eclectic Method – Long Live The King (Michael Jackson Mix) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.