Mario Medley

Just a quick post for today. This is a video I watch from time to time. Always puts me in a good mood. How can Mario music not cheer anybody up? He starts out with a blindfold on, then cranks up the awesome dial to 11. See if you can pick out which game each song is from. I believe he covers music between the first NES Super Mario Bros. up to Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

8-Bit Trip

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen and heard in a long time. Apparently the Lego construction took 1,500 hours to complete and film. The music is awesome original 8-bit goodness. The video is unbelievably detailed and brings back good memories. Man, I’ll be watching this one again and again.

The music is by Daniel Larsson. The animation is by Tomas Redigh. Rymdreglage is what they call themselves.