Happy Mother’s Day from John Lennon, Danzig, and Pink Floyd

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mothers out there! Here is a trio of songs entitled Mother. The Pink Floyd video is from a VHS but has sound dubbed over the top from the live concert CD, so the sound quality is great, but the sync gets off a bit. Enjoy!

Pink Floyd 2001

2001: A Space OdysseyAs the name of this website would let you know, I am a fan of Pink Floyd. Their music provides possibly the best soundtrack for lying out under the stars and letting your mind go for a ride. Also in that vein is the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s just crazy awesome.

Somebody went and took the ending sequence in the movie and dubbed the Floyd song Echoes over the video in place of the original soundtrack, which really is equally as awesome. This version just provides an alternate soundtrack.

If you haven’t seen the movie, as somebody who hates to spoil a good thing, I would recommend bookmarking this post and saving it for later.

Go see the movie. It will blow your mind. Watch it in a dark room and block out all distractions while you watch the movie. Let it seep into your brain. Once you have done that, then watch this video. 🙂

So if you have a spare half hour some time, kick back, hit the full screen button and go for a little ride!

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Pink Floyd - The Wall Buy at Amazon

Is there anybody out there? It’s time to review one of the greatest albums of all time; The Wall by Pink Floyd.

I’ve listened to this many times through, and every time it pulls me through a pretty good range of feelings and moods. It’s one of the few albums with lyrics that my brain pays attention to. The theme of the album is of course the fictional character, Pink, who represents the feelings of being rock stars that the band (mostly Roger Waters) began to get after some time in the spotlight. It’s a pretty good emotional journey through something that can relate to life experiences that many people have gone through. If you want a full visualization of all that, watch the movie, aptly titled The Wall. Good stuff.

So, on to the music. I really can’t put into words how complete and wonderful it all is. I especially begin to get into the album when Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 comes on at the third track. The mellow, somewhat dark version of the recurring guitar riff is introduced here and sets the mood for the ensuing journey into Pink’s mind.

The WallThe next few tracks are kind of the end of being out in the public and dealing with the pain Pink feels from authoritative figures and mobbing fans. After that comes what may be called the departure track. It’s also the motivation for the name of this blog! How about that! Goodbye Blue Sky is a beautiful guitar and vocal piece that turns from happy to dark and back again. And who doesn’t love the “Look Mummy! There’s a little plane up in the sky.” Pretty good innocence to pain feel there.

From here on out, Pink’s journey into building a wall between him and all his problems brings us some real good music and some fantastic lyrics. A favorite between me and my Dad is “I have amazing powers of observation.”

Then of course we have what I, and many others, hold as possibly the greatest song of all time, Comfortably Numb. If you have never heard this song performed live and you are a music fan, I urge you to go see a Pink Floyd tribute show. They happen all over, the best is The Australian Pink Floyd Show. I think I’ve heard it performed live four times now, and each time my mind gets blown. It really is musical perfection. Few guitar players can match David Gilmour’s brilliance on the guitar solo, but there are some real talented performers out there who do a stellar job trying to come close.

After Comfortably Numb are some tracks where Pink’s world is about to collapse, and the songs get real interesting. I’ll stop trying to translate stuff here and just tell you again to take a couple hours out of one day soon and listen to this whole album. It will be something you won’t soon forget.

Wish You Were Here Poster

Pink FloydA good music lover always needs some musical paraphernalia. Goodbye Blue Sky just hooked up with AllPosters.com so that means I get to plug their stuff and make a couple of wooden nickels if my wonderful readers buy things from that site, woo!

So, I’m starting out with one of the greatest album covers of all time: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here. I’ve sat and stared at this poster for probably many hours over the course of my life. I don’t even do any drugs and I still stare at the thing.

Go check it out.