New Radiohead Album!

That’s right, my little RSS feed from Pitchfork shocked the pants off of me this morning when I saw that there is a new Radiohead album out this Saturday! As in February 20, 2011.

They are doing sort of the same thing as they did with In Rainbows but this time the mp3 download has a set price of $9. Still very fair. The super deluxe physical album will come out later this spring, in May.

The album is called The King of Limbs and I know nothing about it. I’m just super excited! Here’s the album art.

The King of Limbs

Click here or on the image to order it straight from Radiohead.

M83, The Presets, and Radiohead/UNKLE

Here are a few music videos that I quite enjoy, maybe you will too. I picked each of them because of both the quality of the song and video.

First off we have M83 – We Own the Sky. The video is incredible, and to see it in HD, you’ll have to click on through to Vimeo. Great song, great video. You may recognize the song from the snowboard video That’s It That’s All.

Next is a song with a great beat and melody. This is the Australian band The Presets with Girl and the Sea. I’m going to take a guess that you’ll watch this one many times. I know I have and still will.

Finally, here is one of my favorite music videos of all time. Yes, it is really strange, but give it a chance, let it pull you in. The song is Rabbit in Your Headlights by Radiohead and UNKLE. Great song, crazy awesome video. Enjoy!