Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone

Over the past week I’ve been a bit obsessed with a song. I’m Good, I’m Gone by Lykke Li, yet another great Swedish band. Good work Sweden!

So, here are a few videos of the same song. First is the awesome/weird music video of the original song:

Next is a video from a long series of music videos shot in cabs. Pretty cool little thing called Black Cab Sessions. It’s a nice clean trimmed down version of the song. I like it because you can hear more of Lykke Li’s voice, which is pretty amazing. Update: Scratch that, turns out I can’t embed this video, so go ahead and click below to see it.

Vimeo – Lykke Li “I’m Good, I’m Gone”

And finally, there’s a third video that you’ll have to click through to YouTube to see, as embedding has also been disabled on this video. Apparently there was a Swedish music award show happening, and backstage some creativity happened and out came a pretty cool acoustic version of the song including musicians such as Robyn, Adam & Bebban (Shout Out Louds), Daniel (The Concretes), Lars (Laakso) and Mikael (Hjalmar). I just copied and pasted that from the description. 🙂

YouTube – Lykke Li “I’m Good, I’m Gone”

First Installment of Terrible Tuesday

I think having a weekly horrible music video is a great idea! I don’t know about you, but I really dig many of them, and I want to share my finds with the world. Most, I’ve found, have a redeeming quality, which is usually humor. Sometimes, they’re so bad that it’s fun to watch because of all the horrible.

So, I give you I Wanna Love You Tender by Mervi Vesala. I think the dude kind of looks like He-Man. I found this video years ago and still can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

The Sounds US Tour 2009

The SoundsThe Sounds are a Swedish band who have released two albums and have a third due to release in June 2009. Maja Ivarsson is the lead singer, and has a pretty recognizable voice. It’s not quite raspy, and I’m not sure what it is, but I dig it. How was that for a great description?

Anyway, they’ve got some quality music, great for listening to when you want to get some energy flowing through your ears. They just started their massive US tour where they’ll start in the Midwest, then on to California, then across the Southern states to where I’m at in Florida, then over to Europe for a bit. They finish things off with a long stay jumping all over California.

Check out the tour dates on their Myspace page.

Here’s a sample of my favorite song of theirs. I recommend increasing the volume of your speakers significantly. Enjoy Painted by Numbers: