That 1 Guy

That 1 GuyI thought I had posted about this dude before, but alas, I have not. This here fellow goes by the moniker “That 1 Guy.” He plays his homemade instrument that he dubbed The Magic Pipe. It’s this crazy contraption with metal piping and heavy duty joints with strings and amps and all kinds of doodads.

He is a solo act and performs incredible music with his magic pipe. Over the past decade or so, he had released a couple of albums, and they both had some cool songs on them like Butt Machine and Weasel Pot Pie, but neither compared to seeing him live. He just released a new album called Packs a Wallop that, I think, does a great job of bringing some of the feel of his live performances to a studio album. You can hear the whole album streaming right here!

<a href="">Modern Man by That1Guy</a>

I saw him in concert last year and my mind was blown. He is an all around performer. He is one of those people who just seems to be oozing with rhythm. He tours all over all the time, and is playing near me soon again. He puts on one of the most interesting and entertaining shows that you can see.

Here is a really cool video clip about him. It’s the highest quality video I’ve seen on him, and after it’s over, there will be some links to live performances if YouTube’s related videos thing works right. So enjoy, check out his album, and go see him in a show!